Globcred® provides a trade liquidity solution, which facilitates a more efficient and secured method of payment, clearing and settlement for international trades and commerce transactions. It enables members to take on positions that require liquidity with confidence within a secure environment. The card provides monetary credit solutions for Governments and Financial institutions, as well as merchants, exporters, importers, and muLti-national institutions who conscribe their exports and import transactions through the trades and commerce platform of Conscribe-It!™. The Globcred® solution helps to measures proper:
(a) Income Management,
(b) Asset Growth,
(c) Investment Normalization, and
(d) control of Expenditures.

Globcred® Liquid Card or Globcred® Infra Card (collectively known as “Globcred® cards”) are issued to qualifi¬ed authenticated users of Conscribe-It!™ (and Infrabanx™ where applicable). With this card, multilateral trade transactions (and infrastructure transactions where applicable) can be transacted seamlessly. Once an applicant (Buyer/counter party) applies to be a Conscribe-It! authenticated user, it will automatically be issued a Globcred Liquid Card/Account if qualifi¬ed. Qualifi¬ed authenticated users can thus use the card to make multilateral cross-borders purchases with Conscribe-It! approved account parties under the tC™ environment. Transactions can be transacted using the transparent currency known as tC™ and be converted to host country currencies (where applicable and available) via the Globcred® cards.