Bipscash or, as the case maybe, is hard-earned cash, be it in the form of electronic money or physical form of currency, such as coins or banknotes – is the money that is used to make payment to employees, engaged professionals, and/or service providers for services rendered and/or value added, in a timely and transparent manner; therefore, is the representation of hard-earned cash (or the legal tender of the issuing country that is represented in form of their currency – digitized or otherwise presented), and is accessible by way of withdrawal from a bank or their automated teller machines, KvATM, online, or mobile application, in accordance with the prevailing laws of issuer via swift, imailex™ or the like.

Floating Charge - As a business accountholder of account, HD Faculty™™ or its affiliate may use Globcred® - Liquid Biz™ account as its floating charge – floating lien, being the ways and means by with it provides a security interest or lien over a cluster of non-constant assets that may change in quantity and value, whilst HD Faculty™™ expands and grows in over 160 countries. Therefor[e], HD Faculty™™ authorizes floating charges as a means of securing its Globcred® Liquid Biz™, with respect to™, iConscribe™, Shariah.Biz® and other currency related transactions, on a country-by-country basis -- with a floating charge over its underlying assets – current assets or short-term currency related assets that can change in market-value in relation to foreign exchange activities.