Conscribe-It!™ is a trades and commerce platform that provides its members, participants and authorized users within each host country (including developing and least developed countries) with an information clearing and monetary infrastructure that is reliable, trustworthy and “just-at-it”. Conscribe-It!™ is mandated to provide the necessary (1) assurance, (2) enforcement and (3) the most advanced technological tools and resources that enable authenticated users of Conscribe-It!™ to undertake or cause to be undertaken real time payment, clearance and settlement.

The primary aim is to provide a single channel of communication that facilitates the interaction of its members, participants, clients and their respective counterparts that are involved in exporting, importing, buying, selling, exchanging, swapping, clearing or settlement of accounts, and to aid and abet in the development and introduction of new methodology and advanced technological platform that is “just-at-it”.

Conscribed C-RISK-C processed transactions must undergo a process of C/A/S/E , R/A/R/E ( Assessment of underlying assets by the Trust - including Appraisal), I/R/O/N (Assessment of insurance requirements) , and S/U/R/E, for the keymanization process to review management and personnel, as well as the custody arrangement finalization, before funding takes place.